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Ronald Draper (b. 1986) is a New York based artist specializing in expressionist mixed media works for both residential and commercial spaces. His blend of multiple materials and use of language produces work that is appealing to both your sense of sight and your sense of self.

Draper’s passion for art and education has made him an effective change agent, partnering with New York City schools to develop new creative approaches to how a school’s norms and values are experienced when artistic decisions are made in the reflection of student and community identity. His large art installations and his art derivatives allow his culturally responsive content to impact over 100,000 people daily.

Draper has exhibited at Scope International Art Show, The Bishop Gallery, The Montclair Art Museum, Amnesty International. He has art that resides in the permanent collection of Harlem Hospital and has had murals shown on Netflix, VH1, and Amazon Prime original programming. Special projects include: Nike, (Product)RED, Wells Fargo Bank, Starbucks, T-Mobile, Source Magazine, The City University of New York, and The Girl Scouts of Greater New York. Draper has been honored by the New York Urban League and the NAACP.



Scope International Art Show | Miami & New York



Source 360

Gentleman Jack

ADIDAS Originals

Marvel, Luke Cage

The Wendy Williams Show, Backset Heat

Wells Fargo Bank

Courvoisier VS Cognac

Amnesty International

Unilever US

Harlem Hospital

The New York Department of Education

The City University of New York

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Ronald Draper
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